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Thursday, June 1, 2017 11:14 PM

Maximizing Social Media For Your Small Business

Maximizing Social Media For Your Small Business

In recent years, social media has grown from a fun diversion into an effective tool to help brands instantly interact with their audience on a global scale. From offering more personalized customer service to launching new products, sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook offer many opportunities for businesses to engage with potential customers. Social media marketing is where it’s at—but it also changes at a rapid clip. Making sure you get the most out of your efforts is imperative to growing your reach.

Keeping up With Social Marketing Trends

Social media platforms and their audiences can be fickle. Strategies that work well on a given site one year may change wildly the next, which is why it’s important to stay abreast of any significant updates that can impact your marketing’s effectiveness. Changes to a platform’s existing features—or the addition of new feature—can sometimes make or break your social media battle plans. Facebook, for example, has undergone several notable shifts of late.

Among the new features set to drive this year’s trends on the Facebook marketing front, these three hold ample promise:

1. Messenger Bots. Beyond helping with customer interactions via Facebook’s messenger feature, this handy tools will make it easier to automate tasks like online purchases and subscriptions via chat.

2. Instant Articles. This feature speeds up the loading time for articles on Facebook by allowing users to host the content on the company’s server, which can help put your marketing content in the hands of users before their attention wanes.

3.Live. With video being a huge component of Facebook, this new feature lets you tap into that by creating interactive live video experiences to engage your audience in real-time.

Rebooting When You’re Stuck

Without a solid plan to tackle marketing on the broad spectrum of social media platforms, it can be easy to miss your target. Having a consistent tone and approach across different social sites can help you cement your brand’s online personality while ensuring your customers feel connected. Rather than continue to spin your tires when things don’t seem to be working right, it’s useful to take a moment for analysis and reflection before moving forward.

Here are Some of the more common reasons that might commonly explain why your social media marketing campaign might be stuck or not being as effective as before:

- Not posting on a consistent schedule

- Content that isn’t easily found

- Posts lack excitement and engaging content

- No clear social media policy for team members to follow

Using Imagery to Drive Traffic and Engagement

Striking visuals can be a major factor for standing out in the crowded social media space, and numerous studies show that images and strong graphics tend to get more social engagement online than written content.

That has, in part, driven the popularity of image-centric social platforms like Instagram. It’s important to know how to use Instagram to make sure you get the most traffic out of each post—especially given recent changes to the site’s visibility algorithm.

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